We couldn’t highlight this year without recognizing all the artists responsible for our favorite eye candy in 2012.

Brandi Rinks

Joshua Miller of Olive Branch, Mississippi, has been KILLIN’ IT with the photography this year. There are three or four of us that regularly take photos at Memphis shows, and his always have amazing color and clarity. If he’s shooting, I know I might as well put my camera away and go get another drink. Follow this dude on twitter so you can keep up with what he’s shooting!

Ruby Dear

It was damn near impossible for me to finish this list because I admire so much work out there! Here’s some of the artists I had my eye on this year.

Wasted Rita Gomez


I’ve been watching Rita for awhile and I envy her candid attitude. Someone needs to give this girl a badass job. Thanks, Rita, for saying what most of us are too professional to, if I could I’d hire you to make me brutal sketches all day and put your quotes into giant plaques to line my walls. Go buy something or follow or and like her.

Flyer Design
Rob Fitzpatrick

This poster designer is part of the Reverberation Appreciation Society, the folks behind the Austin Psych Fest. I like his style, and all these bands. His work is definitely the kind to collect.

Richard Perez

Killer typography + shnazzy animated gifs are just a small sample of the great work from Skinny Ships/Richard Perez.


Grimes Oblivion Video

Say what you want, but I watched this video more times in awe over Grime’s style than the catchy song. Why does she get to have a sequin hoodie-pink hair-skeleton gloves-giant headphones and I don’t?! Did she go back in time and steal my sketchbooks or something?

Ruckus Bame

This video by iamamiwhoami,

a Legend-esque freaky dance party with beasts and a half naked lady.

Ryan Snowden

I had no idea the Flip-Tops were still a band but thanks to their 2012 release, now I know!

Scooter P.

There were way too many visual stimulants for me this year. My name isn’t Scooter P, and I’m an addict. I’m just going to list a small quantity of photographers, illustrators, and gigposter designers, and call it a day. Rapid fire………..here we go!


1. Ellen Rogers

2. Neil Krug

3. Maciek Jasik


1. Kyle Martz

2. Smithe

Flyer Designers

1. Jermaine Rogers

2. Luke Drozd

This is just a tiny bit of what tickled my eyes. I could tell you so many more. If you would like to meet up in person and chat about more great designers, just text me.

An Arkansas girl living in Memphis, TN. I love pugs, live music, slasher movies, and absurdity. Send me photos of your favorite hot dogs.

bouyant purveyor of messages from thin air. rap fiend. amazon leans. always lookin for more black art and candy and scary dreams.

Graphic Designer/Drummer/One Half of Rival Colors Photo Massing. I love anything real and raw. Pressing your ear against a light pole and hitting the other side with your fist. I came here to mess around and chew gum..........and I'm all out of gum.

Ryan hasn’t asked anyone to write a bio about him so we’ll take submissions for one.

Miss Dear reads too much. Her personal brand is glitter and her favorite accessories are bruises from shows. She is still quite torn up about David Bowie. You can often find her taking pictures of her precious cats or at a dive bar being mediocre at karaoke. She's a PacNW native that loves the South.

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