I don’t like waking up early.  I’ll admit, there have been many times where waking up early on a weekend has been very rewarding- like when I have a lot to do and magically there is time to knock out my to-do list before noon, or if I’m excited because I have somewhere special to go.  But not lately.  Lately I have been dead-set on sleeping as late as I possibly can.  For me, there is something completely indulgent about sleeping in during the weekend.  You naturally and slowly awaken to a warm and cozy bed with soft filtered light filling the room. The morning is relaxed and usually filled with cooking and eating. Ahh, it’s nice. And you only get two mornings per week to make it happen.  But sometimes being a photo-nerd takes precedence, and you get this dumb idea that you want to wake up before sunrise to go take photos of a ferris wheel. And that’s what happened to me last Sunday.

The night before when I was double-checking what time the sun actually comes up, I excitedly noticed there was a dense fog advisory in my area for the next morning.  That changed my iffy plans for an early morning ferris wheel shot into a definite multi-alarm around-town photo excursion.  I left my house just before sunrise and drove around the small town of West Memphis, Arkansas, for about an hour.  There were floating buildings and signs, rows of trees fading into oblivion, and still green fields against an opaque white backdrop. It was beautiful and well worth waking up at any hour.

Here are a few photographs of my mini-adventure, which I ended up considering to be a true gift to and from myself.


I take pictures and make things.

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