Buck Biloxi is the namesake of holotrash New Orleans punk trio Buck Biloxi and the Fucks.  They’re playing in Memphis this Friday on the way to UFO Dictator Fest in Kalamazoo, will be back in Memphis for Gonerfest 10, and then have a fall tour planned with Manateees.  Buck answered some questions for us about the coolest places in New Orleans and creepy uncle vibes.

HB: What have you been listening to this week?
BB: My power has been off so I’ve been listening to my phone a lot. On it, I’ve been listening to Boy’s Club, AC/DC, The Manateees, Teengenerate, 10-4 Backdoor, Golden Pelicans, etc. When I get my power turned back on I can listen to records again. I’m really into the Sleaze 12″. “THESE DAYS” is my top pick on the new TSOT lp.

HB: List your top five favorite places in New Orleans and why you love them.
1) My apartment: I like to hole up and not talk to anybody sometimes.
2) Saturn Bar: I love the good times there.
3) Taqueria Guerrero: yo love Mexico
4) Spellcaster: Quintron is a cool dude, a nice guy and an imaginative questwielder.
5) The Streets: get at me in them.

HB: If today you came across the first mix-tape you ever made, what would be on it?
BB: Uhhh…. Paula Abdul? Fleetwood Mac and Don Henley and Third Bass and Public Enemy and Michael Bolton probably.

HB: Who do you think gives off more of a creepy uncle vibe – Bob Seger or Hall and Oates?
BB: John Oates to be sure is a rapist. I bet he programs an Atari.

HB: Y’all come through Memphis a decent amount, is there anything about shows here that stands out to you?
BB: We’re lucky enough to have a bunch of friends in Memphis that we don’t get to hang out with often enough. Shows in Memphis have a lot of people we know and like at them compared to other out of town shows.

HB: What Memphis spots do you like to hit when you’re in town?
BB: Friday ima get me a Payne’s sammitch. Goner Records is pretty much the best. They know what should be on the shelves. DKDC sucks. Really I just want to mostly hang out at a friend’s house and get high and joke around. Joe and Heather’s place or Keith and Charlotte’s place would be ideal.

HB: What’s the last record you bought?
BB: I just ordered Teengenerate – “Get Action,” and some other stuff that I forgot what it was. The last records I got in the mail were the new TSOT and the Ex-Cult “Mister Fantasy” 7″. Both rule.

HB: Have you considered putting out a children’s album under Buck Biloxi and the Yucks after your Chic-a-Go-Go appearance? If you had to write a children’s song right now what would it be about?
BB: All Buck Biloxi records are children’s records. My next children’s record is going to be called “Grow Up.” I stole that joke from spacebro 1.

HB: Who gets to pick what y’all listen to when you’re on tour? Does anyone play stuff that everyone else hates? Are there any regulars that always come up?
BB: Whoever isn’t driving handles the music. As long as it’s pretty regular I’m not tripping. If Spacemen 3 gets played I’m not going to shut up until it gets turned off. Or any band that thinks it’s smarter than me pretty much.

HB: When will Buck Biloxi and the Fucks have a full length album out?
BB: Hopefully by Gonerfest. Red Lounge is putting it out.

HB: Do you have anything special planned for your set at Gonerfest?
BB: We’re going to practice once before Gonerfest, which for this band is something really special. We’re really great so we usually don’t need to practice. I mean, Joe especially is a total veteran; he’s been in a million bands and its not like I can write a riff he doesn’t know already. Also I might wear these black plastic gloves I have if I can successfully play guitar in them. No wait, they’re rubber.

HB: What other New Orleans bands should we check out?
BB: Great New Orleans bands include Die Rotzz, Patient Zero and the AIDs Monkeys, and Bastard Sons of Marvin Hirsch. All three of these bands are as punk as we are within a tolerance of plus or minus five punk points. Some other bands that I enjoy are the Planchettes, Dummy Dumpster, and Trampoline Team. I feel like I would have had more fun with this question if it was what bands in New Orleans suck and the list would have been way longer.

HB: If each of your band’s members had a different spirit animal, what would they be?
BB: My spirit animal would be the kitty cat because I love kitties. Joe’s spirit animal would be the human because the human is the best animal at playing music. Our new drummer Sam is getting assigned the spirit animal of the aardvark so that when bands’ spirit animals get alphabetized one of ours is first and we get a bunch of promo points for that and we can just sit back and watch all that aardvark money pile up.

Hey, also I just found out that John Oates is gay, so can I change my answer to Daryl Hall because I think he’s more likely to be a sexual predator than Bob Seger. Gay dudes aren’t creepy.

 Sorry if that’s what you’re going for, John, but they just aren’t.

An Arkansas girl living in Memphis, TN. I love pugs, live music, slasher movies, and absurdity. Send me photos of your favorite hot dogs.

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