Philly band The Bad Doctors just announced a  midwest tour in support of their latest album, Burning City, a polished work of dark synthy songs that generate gratuitous comparisons to broody 80s bands. Those connections are drawn what with the requisite resonant vocals, climactic synthesizers, ultra-calculated percussion, and dramatic lyrics, but unlike many of their references it’s still catchy and memorable enough to add several tracks to your party playlist without bumming anyone out.

My fave song is a tie between Metamorphoses: Phaeton and AC, but The School of Athens makes me feel like I’m burning a lot of angsty calories. The Big Bang could be the nostalgic credits of a movie.

And then there’s the big crush I have on the album artwork, with its smart Escher vibes that make my design senses jealous. Maybe a t-shirt order is in my future.


Check the video below for some live show footage.

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