A few months back my brother Justin and I grabbed a camera headed to a remote suburb north of Fort Worth to catch up with Jeff Burke and Mark Ryan at their newly renovated recording studio Cool Devices. A lot of the equipment they have was brought together as they recorded their own band the Marked Men .

Although the Marked Men do play shows from time to time, much of the focus for them now is with the well reviewed Mind Spiders and the newly formed Radio Activity(they were The Novice.) Outside of their own projects the two stay pretty busy recording other artists. Thus far they’ve recorded the likes of Sweet Talk , Bad Sports, Fish Boy, Video, Street Arabs, Real Diamonds and Jonly Bonly to name a few. The studio is right next to large house and bands are encouraged to stay over as they record. It’s a comfy little spot, not to mention there is a very skateable ditch that wraps around the property. Ya know if you’re into that kinda thing.

If anybody has any questions. Feel free to hit these guys up here.

Check out their bands or some bands they’ve recorded at the links above, hope you enjoy the quick edit.

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