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THIS WILL KILL YOU, Texas Debauchery Lesson 1, the good news is no one really died. I’d like to get that out there just in case that was the reason you declined to make it. I’ll let it slide though. It’s not like you’ve ever fucking heard of this first year Music Festival in Dallas, Texas. No one has. Hell, I’m sure you had better things to do then sit on a rooftop, watch the sunset and listen to Violent Squid pour a fog of faraway sounds into the streets. Maybe you were practicing up on your creed butt rock voice and flexing in front of the mirror. To each his own really. But damn man, you really missed a good time. I may be a little partial though since I booked half the bands on this 18 band bill.

My brother Justin and I have been wanting to get something like this going for some time now and just this year we were able to get it going. Matt at Wit’s End was really cool to let us use his venue and also let our friends paint a large mural on their exterior wall. We’ve been friends with the Damage Case guys since school days and they were the first band to say they were in. Then the Fungi Girls joined and we started trying to build a decent mix of bands from there. I really hope some people were turned on to something they would have not usually gone to see.

Jane Dear

This was easily one of my favorite weekends of 2013. The 10 hours of festivities presented many treats, including but not limited to our friends  and AR natives Resin Hands and Pagiins, familiar faces of Doom Ghost, Street Arabs, Golden Boys, Fungi Girls, and all 3807 other bands the Brothers Powers had on the bill.

Dallas, you are HOT AS HELL. Northwest Arkansas had a mild summer compared to normal, and I wondered several times walking just a wimpy few blocks how I’d survive more than a Saturday on foot in Texas. Ok, maybe I’m a little dramatic, but really, it was hot, y’all. That’s what beer is for. Maybe some water, if you’re into that kinda thing.

The set that rocked me the most like a hurricane was the Gory Details. At first I was just minding my business, taking a break with the biggest slice of pizza known to man, (thanks, Serious Pizza! I don’t know how you kids can eat a whole piece) eating on a cracked sidewalk like the classy lady that I am, when my ears realized I needed to run, I mean sprint, back across the street to catch up on what I was missing. Maybe it was the rooftop, maybe it was the sunset splashing between the monuments of the Dallas skyline, maybe it was the warm beer, maybe it was the cowabunga organs and flailing and organs and jumping and cowabunga. Gory Details, we might love you.

Later that night, we weirded out with the Violent Squid, a gang of costumes and orchestrated layers of noises. The flickering speakers during Golden Boys broke my heart, puncturing anthems of friendship and spirit with crackles and frustration. Bob Brewster, keyboardologist extraordinaire, gets down in a way that makes the soul jealous. Fungi Girls ended the night on a perfect soft note. Maybe it did kill us and this is just hell.

Nico Cagle

The trek to Dallas from Fayetteville on minimal sleep was pretty brutal but soon proved to be worth the drive at the opening chords of THIS WILL KILL YOU, Texas Debauchery Lesson 1. John Wayne’s Bitches were the first to kick off this festival at Wits End bar in Dallas, Texas. It was an early slot but a slot I was fortunate not to miss.

As a female and a huge fan of punk/garage music, I have a spot in my heart for a group of gals who know how to belt out loud and fast rock n’ roll. I was blown away by a band from Norman, Oklahoma I knew nothing about. Hearing their song Fuck Off Baby took me back to the nostalgia of being fifteen and hearing classics like The Ramones, Richard Hell, and The Germs for the first time.

If you are a fan of Toxic Revenge on Shannon and the Clams’ album Sleep Talk you should make it a point to listen to the raw rhythm, whiskey voiced John Wayne’s Bitches.

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