Memphis punk foursome Nots is currently in the middle of a tour through the sweltering South, taking a fresh lineup and batch of newly synth-enhanced songs on the road ahead of an album release on Goner Records in November. If you’ve seen Nots in the past, you may not even recognize them this time around. Charlotte Watson took over for Laurel Ferdon on drums, they’ve added Madison Farmer on bass and Alexandra Eastburn on synth, and Natalie Hoffmann remains at the helm on guitar, but with an added ferocity and focus that pushes the band to a whole new level.

I asked the ladies of Nots if they’d keep a list of what they listened to in the van for a few days while they were tearing up the roads, and Korg priestess Alexandra was nice enough to let us live vicariously through them. Here’s her mini tour diary, along with links and videos so you can play along.

08-20-14.  On the first day of tour we “ate an apple” at sunset and listened to Black Sabbath, and then the sky turned pink and we listened to Jimi Hendrix.

I see an elephant.

Photo by Alexandra Eastburn

08-21-14.  Just before landing in Atlanta we listened to an Iggy & the Stooges tape Joe Pestilence made, as I was reading Part 1 – I WANNA BE YOUR DOG: 1967-1971 of “Please Kill Me – The Uncensored Oral History of Punk” by Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain. Charms is reading the same book, and we are literally on the same page. (Wait, Joe may not have made that tape. He may have just left it at Charlotte’s house.)

Who made the tape?

Photo by Alexandra Eastburn

08-22-14.  Driving through Florida listening to Madonna cassettes on a battery-powered boombox cranked up full volume. First Madonna tape messed up, but we got backup Madonna because that’s how we roll.

Material Girl, yo.

Photo by Alexandra Eastburn

08-24-14.  Division 4 – Australian synth punk from 1983 – on our way to Jacksonville. Natalie says this band reminds her of how I play synth for Nots. Charlotte is “eating an apple.” Madison is reading Kim Fowley’s “Lord of Garbage.” I’m reading “Please Kill Me” and making art. Natalie is tearing through the Florida pavement.


Summertime forever!

Photo by Alexandra Eastburn

Bona Dish!

Timmy’s Organism!

Hawkwind! Dick Dale!

08-25-14.  It’s our day off and we’re beach bound. Today’s the day we all eat ice cream cones.

Reading punk poetry and listening to Ann Peebles, TLC, Lil Kim, Aaliyah, Missy Elliott, Irma Thomas, and The Hot Dogs.


Photo by Alexandra Eastburn

I got a hot date with the beach!


Photo by Alexandra Eastburn

– Alexandra Eastburn

You can buy Nots’ latest 7″ here, an earlier one here, and check them out as they wrap up their summer tour at any of the dates below! (Maybe take them some extra tapes for their boombox while you’re at it.)

08/26/14  Mobile, AL @ Alchemy Tavern w/Naked Intruder, Buck Biloxi and the Fucks, Mississippi Shakedown
08/27 14   New Orleans, LA @ Saturn Bar w/Black Abba, Dummy Dumpster
08/28/14  Memphis, TN @ The Hi-Tone w/ The Clean, Boogarins
08/29/14  Chicago, IL @ Plaines Project-1822 S. Des Plaines w/Gula-Gila, Melkbelly
08/30/14  Detroit, MI @ Panic In Hamtramck w/Human Eye, Bobby Conn, Deadly Viper Assassination Squad
08/31/14   Cincinnati, OH @ Junker’s Tavern w/Bummers Eve, The Harlequins

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