Mid March, 2013 SXSW was dying down, and its occupants were creeping their way home, playing at a dive bar near you. Lantern and Sheer Agony stopped in Fayetteville, Arkansas, playing with our own Egyptr and we’re still talking about that weeknight at Jr’s Lightbulb Club.

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Photos by Rival Colors.

A page out of Ruckus Bame’s diary:

Dear Egyptr,

I think you guys were too smart for me. My husband liked you guys and said something smart about music about you guys, which made me feel stupid. So, I don’t know. It all seemed so complicated. I think that means you were doing it right.

Dear Sheer Agony,

I wanted to talk to you about how I went to Canada once. I bet a lot of people not-from-Canada do that. I dug yas lots though. I dug being like five feet from your faces while you were putting out feelings. Thanks for being easy on the eyes. Thanks for all the bouncing warbled insides. Thanks for having all that damn style.

Dear Lantern,

By the time it was your turn to play, I was feeling a few kinds of ways. Then you beat my heart grungy and made me get my hair in a lot of strangers’ mouths and let me be soso close to that beautiful waif playing like the moon on a big ol’ bass guitar. You had me feeling all kinds of ways. Y’all are way cool and so sick. I didn’t even know that was possible. If you ever need a familiar, I’ll be here. Yours was the kind of show that makes a girl sad that you aren’t from around here. And we won’t be seeing eachother again anytime soon. But I will still be…

Yours Always,


Rubt Dear

We’ve been wearing out Dream Mine (a Bathetic tape release featured on our 2012 Best Ofs) at our favourite haunts, and all but pulling hex tricks to get them back here ASAP to swoon over their R&R shenanigans.

Let’s rejoice about Lantern’s first 12″ vinyl, Rock and Roll Rohrshach. Only 500 copies were pressed with Sophomore Lounge Records so pre-order yours, like yesterday. You can preview the song “Out Of Our Heads” while you’re at it.

Lantern’s sound melts genres together, rockabullying weirdo blues into a frenzy of fuzzed-up soloing and glammed-down dance beats, ultimately resulting in a mound of grooves garnering moves from the ’80s/’90s garage-rock rattles of Dead Moon, Gibson Bros, and Billy Childish to the ’60s/’70s pre-punk lore of Hasil Adkins, Flaming Groovies, or even The Velvet Underground. Rorschach is a testament to the age-old odyssey of rock ‘n’ roll, searching for something “advanced” (dare we say futuristic?) in paying homage to its primal whims and primitive-earth foundation. – Sophomore Lounge Records

I got a sneak taste test and let’s just say sparks flew. It’s gonna be a wild summer.

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