My name is Terry Cloff and I am a graphic designer in Little Rock, Arkansas. I recently started a graphic design service called Successful Power Design. I just love what I do. It is as simple as that. I eat, sleep and breath graphic design. Maybe I obsess, maybe I don’t. All I know is I get it done. I may be new to this profession, but I will not be put in a box so don’t pinch and hold me. I share some of my thoughts on Twitter and Facebook but when I realized that wasn’t enough, the nice people here at Hexbeat said I could publish here, too. Oh? A graphic designer who writes? Yes. Chew on that.

But I’m not all about graphic design all of the time. And I’m not really a jerk like I’m making myself sound. Sometimes, I like to let the world see another side of me. So here we go. To help you get to know me, I’m bareing my soul to you, just a little. Some people might say, “Those are your emotions, Terry?” Which is my friends’ way of saying, “Terry, those are your emotions and they should be kept safe from those that would hurt you.”

Whatever. This year I’m all about setting healthy, acheivable goals that will prepare me for 2014. You heard me right! Two thousand FOURTEEN. If I want to get ahead of the game of life and graphic design, I need to be preparing for next next year. If I am just now saying, “This year I’m going to blabbity blah blah” then it is already too late. Too slow, sucker. Or if I say to myself, “This spring resolve to make sure I don’t let the lawn get too high or it might get hard to mow.” I’ve already lost the battle.

When 1999 came wobbling to a close for me, I realized I had been approaching resolutions all wrong. Hold up. I’ll give you some background. I got in a tremendous car accident on New Years eve 1999 on my way to a celebration party I mistakenly believed to be already in progress. I had fallen prey to the mind trickery of dusk and dawn. I mistook 5am to be 5pm and, knowing the evening of December 31st to be thick with intoxicated drivers, I set out for the party in my custom convertible Ford F-150 with abundant caution. I employed a defensive-driving technique I call “Fast Slow Fast Woah”, which is based on childhood observations of my most functional alcoholic aunt’s driving. In her driving, there was a pattern where she would catch herself driving too fast, slow down considerably, get lost in thoughtless murmering and catch herself speeding again, and say, “Woah. I need to slow down.” In driving school they teach you to match the flow of traffic, so I use my Fast Slow Fast Woah technique to keep me safe on New Years Eve, St. Patrick’s Day, and while driving in most wet counties.

While in “woah” mode, I was rear-ended by a Wonder Bread delivery truck. (It occurs to me now that I could have scored so much free bread in the settlement. But, oh well.) “Woah mode” had two meanings in that blink-of-an-eye moment. First of all, the meaning I already explained to you. Secondly, I had a very Aha! moment during the split seconds of the accident. The driver’s and my eyes locked as I watched him, still fastened to his seat inside, the whole truck slowly somersaulting over me against the unmistakably dawn sky. In that moment I realized none of that loose bread was going to save him and I needed to prepare for life in ways that I never had before. I took the lesson of the Wonder Bread truck driver who bless his heart couldn’t have known how drunk I thought he was. You don’t know what is coming up next, so you get ready early. (This is a key part of the creative process, as well. But I can get into that later.) So now my resolutions are made to prepare me for the next next year.

I have made 10 resolutions. They will carry me successfully into 2014 and make my 2015 so much more successfull while I prepare for 2016. These are heavy duty resolutions, so I’m going to expand upon them a little at a time. ONE at a time, to be exact. So tune back in as often as you can and thanks to Hexbeat for letting me share!

  1. Continue to learn graphic design. The next time you hear from me, I will explain how I plan to achieve this.
  2. Travel more. I have been working on my passport for an upcoming trip to Louisiana, so I’m nailing this one already.
  3. Mustache or no mustache? I’ve given myself the goal of deciding by late December because finding my girlfriend is a top priority in 2014 so I can have someone to design a custom Valentines Day card for in 2015.
  4. Get fit!
  5. Research having freetime. (I put this in the list to make me laugh because I expect to be up to my gills in clients in 2014!)
  6. Learn photography and font design and internet. I’ve got big plans for this and will tell you how it will make me do so well in 2014 while I prepare for 2015.
  7. Get to know my community better. Essential to one’s well being is investing with your larger community.
  8. Still deciding on this one but I’m feeling pulled toward understanding some key religions better.
  9. Fake out! In accordance with my fifth resolution in 2011, in 2013 I would not have a ninth or tenth resolution. This is an esteem building trick designed to help me feel better if I don’t complete every resolution this year. “I’m so dumb. I can only keep 8 of my 10 resolu… wait! I recall that I only made 8 resolutions! What a year!”

That is it for now! Looking forward to getting to know you, dear Hexbeat reader!

My name is Terry Cloff and I am a 44 year old graphics designer! New to the field but learning fast! For example: "Simplicity". I also get down to good music, long walks and spending quality time with my designs.

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