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After a short absence from my lovely little, yet ever-growing, scene here in Arkansas, I found myself hungry for something loud, and boy did God find himself one newly-made glutton in desperate need of salvation on a muggy Tuesday night in August. This skin-soaking evening started with myself having a visually kaleidoscopic headache that could only be eased with some killer Waffle House hash browns and an equally murderous bacon double-cheeseburger. But I digest.

I walked into the Lightbulb Club just wanting to see Resin Hands and Pagiins, a couple of local bands that I had missed so many times before. I felt I was one of the only people in the scene to have never seen their show, and I had heard many positive things about both bands. So with expectations firmly in place for the supporting bands, I had no real excitement for seeing the headlining band, Buildings. That feeling was completely dashed to pieces in a glorious wave of war-like rumbling and cell-intoxicating bliss.

Buildings is a very heavy punk band from Minneapolis that consists of Brian Lake, Joe Clark, and Travis Kuhlman in a classic three piece setup. I had only heard one song of theirs,”Noxema Girl”, before attending the show. It was solid and heavy but nothing that shook me down to the bone. That feeling I would only find after seeing them live. Each song they played triggered a physical and chemical reaction. I could feel every muscle tighten. My heart beat loud and fast, as though it was going to bruise my ribs, which in turn made my blood run like soldiers charging for life through a trench. It was so loud and explosive that I couldn’t hear or feel the neighboring dance club which shares a common wall with the venue. After a set that felt as though it lasted for eight hours more, I walked away with a grand feeling in my soul. I never felt physically attracted to a sound before, and I don’t plan on getting corrected for it.

You can get Buildings’ albums on Bandcamp

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Tyler Bame

There are special perks to seeing good bands in small venues, whether it’s getting to know the members of each band in the time before the show, having a great view from almost anywhere, or my personal favorite, admiring the music equipment which will soon translate the silly madness stirring up in their heads. All of the bands, Resin Hands, Buildings, and Pagiins, delivered in both music and gear.

Resin Hands has one of the most energetic sets in the local scene and have a great relationship musically between members. This shines through in their sound and performance. Makes me feel like I’m in a Little Richard Fever Dream at a booth in Denny’s in 1976.

Buildings kept up the momentum from Resin Hands and provided a setlist of fast, punchy scream-a-longs that I later found equally as enjoyable on their yellow 7″, which proved to be an excellent $5 score from the merch booth.

I have seen Pagiins a few times now and can only describe my joy for them and their music with an interpretive dance around my living room. . . That is always invigorating. Two drummers! And it works! This is a great band and I can’t wait to attend their vinyl release party, TBA.


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