You’re in an elevator and we’re not sure which direction it’s going. Wait, I think it’s down. Yes, definitely down. You keep scrolling down and every few seconds the doors slide open to an even stranger scene. Bizarre and familiar, endless, perfectly synchronized nonsense.

I don’t use Vine much because I’m not very funny. (Funny people are the best.) But weird I am, and Birthday Salad re-Vined in my feed all rosy fingered Dawn and I had a new best friend. I hunted. I know no more about this creature, other than a penchant for black cats and a talent in illustration. It offered me a playlist in exchange for my gratitude. (At the end.)

And I present to you, the first Birthday Salad Meatwatermelon playlist on Hexbeat.

Sarah reads too much, has too many mosquito bites, and is still too torn up about David Bowie. Her personal brand is glitter and mediocre karaoke. You can stalk her if you want.

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