As a child in the single digits, two things that would become lifelong passions entered my consciousness; rock & roll and professional wrestling. As a teenager I realized the many parallels between rock & rollers and professional wrestlers. Tales of drug binges, drunken escapades, fast women, and the dark side of life on the road. It got me to thinking about how these two worlds must have crossed each others paths at various times. I will now produce some examples of these two worlds colliding.


In 1959, wrestling announcer “Mean” Gene Okerlund was known as Gene Carroll and his band was the Shades. Norton Records has reissued the lone 45 they produced.


1960’s garage band The Untouchables produced two professional wrestlers, Tom Hankins and Dick Douglas.


Tom Hankins as Crazy Charlie Reid


Portland professional wrestler Beauregarde released an album in 1971 featuring a very young guitarist, Greg Sage of future Wipers fame!


The Gentrys hit it big in 1965 with their song Keep On Dancin’. Vocalist Jimmy Hart would hit pay dirt again in the 1980’s as wrestling manager the “Mouth of the South”.


Who could forget the cover of the Dictators 1975 proto-punk classic Go Girl Crazy! with singer/wrestler “Handsome” Dick Manitoba in a dressing room decked out in wrestling attire?


The Crusher, one of the meanest, baddest, roughest guys to ever lock it up in the “squared-circle” had two songs titled after him.

The Novas – The Crusher (1964)

The Ramones – The Crusher (1995)


Did you know Bob Mould, guitarist of Husker Du was briefly employed with World Championship Wrestling as a scriptwriter?

Here is Jerry Only of the Misfits taking a powerful ass whipping in the steal cage courtesy of “Dr. Death” Steve Williams.

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