With the announcement last week that Hi-Tone Cafe owner Jonathan Kierskey will be re-opening the Hi-Tone at a new location in the up and coming Crosstown Arts area, we were finally able to process our feelings, thoughts and photos from the last show at the old Hi-Tone featuring The Barbaras, The Oblivians, and lots of balloons and paper mache eyeballs.

Walking into the Hi-Tone for the final show at the Poplar location felt like attending a bittersweet senior prom. Surrounded by friends, balloons, decorations, and sneaked-in booze, we were all determined to have an amazing time and dance our asses off, but at the same time knew that the end of an era was upon us and once the hangover was gone and the bruises had healed, only rock-n-roll heartaches would be left. It was hard to get too bummed about it, though.  The best bartenders in town (Pat and Aaron) were behind the bar, The Barbaras were reunited, The Oblivians were ready to tear the place down, and there was a sold-out crowd of people ready to help them accomplish that. Luckily amidst all the dancing, crowd surfing, booze guzzling, and general shenanigans, Joshua Miller and Kandi Cook were able to get some photos. (TWO photo galleries below!)  RIP old Hi-Tone.  And new Hi-Tone, we can’t wait to meet you. Long live the new flesh!

Photos by Joshua Miller:

Photos by Kandi Cook:

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