Total Punk’s Total Fuck Off Weekend was last week, but it’s taken me this long to recover enough to edit my photos. A two-day birthday bash for Total Punk’s third year of releasing meticulously hand-stamped punk records from hard-working bands, Total Fuck Off Weekend felt exactly like that — a celebration. There was dancing, beer bongs, flying cans, cardboard bikini babes, stage-dives, and pretty much any kind of partying you could ask for was going on somewhere. I was familiar with most of the bands going in, but KID AIDS of St. Petersburg, Florida, was new to me, and I highly suggest checking them out if you get a chance. Giorgio Murderer was a highlight of the festival, and I can now say I’ve seen “Theme from Star Trek” performed live. The Golden Pelicans were a personal favorite I had been looking forward to seeing again since they played at Goner Records last year, and it was every bit as wild and unhinged as I had hoped it would be. I tried to shoot as many bands as I could, so if some are missing I was probably getting kicked in the head or spitting whiskey everywhere. I entitled this post with the 2014 on the end because it’ll be a shame if Total Fuck Off Weekend isn’t an annual event. Long live Fucking Off! Long live Total Punk!

[Extra shots are located here.]

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