Hi everybody! While I do my designing, I often come up with some pretty good things to say, or just have a good idea (#6, for example!) When I first started writing them all down, somehow most of them were 141 characters and too long to tweet, so I’m not in the habit of tweeting them even when they are short. I did collect them here for you, however. And I hope you enjoy.

  1. Eat design. Breath design. Sleep design. Design design design. God design so much.
  2. Practicing makes perfect sense because it will help you get better at your goals.
  3. Know everything about Photoshop? Record your tutorials at www.youareabigfatliar.com.
  4. The path to knowing good design from bad design is like a giraffe’s neck. Long and spotty and hard to look at and depressing if broken.
  5. Simplicity is the key to getting creative with it all.
  6. This holiday season, give the gift of design. Name a PowerPoint template after a recently passed loved one.
  7. Design must be designed. That is why they call it that.
  8. Learning how to design is like being a newborn baby. Bright colors are more appealing. Everything is blurry anyway so why not just use an image off the internet. You cry about everything. And sometimes you just can’t figure out what to do until someone shoves their nipple into your mouth.
  9. Design and myself go together like Helvetica Neue LT Std Light and a nice looking other font.
  10. The rules of design seem to change pretty often, don’t they?
  11. Most new designers learn the same principle early in their career: don’t design for dentists.
  12. If I were teaching a class of young designers, I would give them these guidelines. I call them my “Tres Gratis Dictums” or Three Free Decrees. 1. If you have a good idea, obsess about it. 2. If it turns out you were mistaken about it being a good idea, it must have been a bad idea and your obsession was wasted time. 3. But you tried, didn’t you? Goddamnit, at least you did that.*

Thanks for reading! And don’t forget, LET’S GET CREATIVE WITH IT ALL!

*Thanks to Randal McMurphy for that one.

My name is Terry Cloff and I am a 44 year old graphics designer! New to the field but learning fast! For example: "Simplicity". I also get down to good music, long walks and spending quality time with my designs.

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